About Us

Complete Trucking Solution

Preferred Logistics is a full-service 3PL. Our focus is to provide each of our customers a great transportation experience. We provide a single point of contact for all of your trucking needs. With a combined 30 years of experience, the Preferred Logistics team has everything you need for your national transportation goals. Our national network and infrastructure, coupled with ongoing volumes, allow our rates to be very competitive.

Our Team

Kelvin Njuguna
Logistics Director

With over 8 years of experience in logistics and and transportation, as well as an international education at the University of Nairobi, Kelvin Njuguna serves as our Logistics Director. He enjoys getting things from point A to point B and wants to help you with your company’s needs.

Grant Jaster
Logistics Coordinator

Grant inputs all the carrier information, manages invoices that come in, helps cover loads and does tracking and tracing. Grant is always willing to help quickly resolve customer issues.

Part of the Preferred Companies

Preferred Logistics is part of a larger network of logistics companies. Each company specializes in a certain area of logistics support but we provide a seamless customer service experience. Learn more on each website or on our services pages.