When you need to move freight that's small than a full truckload, you have a few options to consider. At Preferred Logistics, we can handle both less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments and partial truckloads. There are some unique benefits about each type of shipment.

LTL freight will pass through a few to several depots, which will result in multiple load and unloads. However, this can work well when your freight is well palletized.

When dealing with a partial load, the freight does not leave the truck until ultimately delivered. This is ideal for equipment and cargo that you do not want handled multiple times.



  • Type of Freight
  • Weight and Dimensions
  • Equipment
  • Schedule


  • Type of Freight Palletized (Usually less than 6 pallets)
  • Weight and Dimensions 100lbs - 10,000lbs
  • Equipment Box Truck or Dry Van
  • Schedule Several stops and unloadings

Partial Truckload

  • Type of Freight Equipment or cargo
  • Weight and Dimensions 1,000-20,000lbs and less than 25ft of deck
  • Equipment Flatbed, Dry Van or Stepdeck
  • Schedule Less stops and handling. Needs to be flexible on timing

Curious what's right for your business?

Our team will help you decide the right equipment at the right cost.

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