We are approaching the year 2020. If the Jetsons were to be believed, we should have flying cars by now. But though we may be short of the Jetsons, Silicon Valley’s modern technology is still making its impact in the freight industry in a variety of ways.

Some of the bright lights of modern technology include advances in safety such as automatic braking and systems that analyze and diagnose truck behavior; improved connectivity by providing information from and to the truck; and improved economics through operator increased fuel economy. The potential of autonomous driving and new propulsion technologies are even now being tested.

One of the biggest impacts scheduled to impact freight movement this year is the mandatory use of Electronic Logging Devices.

The deadline for implementation is December 17, 2017. The driver will no longer have control over the Log Book. There are no fudge factors. A single driver truck will be able to operate for a strict set of hours, which can be limited due to excessive loading times, traffic problems, etc.  A good rule of thumb will be 500-600 miles per day with no room for modifying the numbers. Truckers who have “run deliveries direct” or tried to “stay under the radar” will be a thing of the past.

While this change is expected to decrease time spent managing paperwork and more importantly reduce crashes, it will also have a very real impact on supply of trucks in the market. Shippers nationwide, will have to account for these limitations on delivery times, as well as cost of freight movement.

At Preferred Logistics, we have always endeavored to marry technology with our freight operations. We want to assure you, our valuable customer, that we are watching these changes closely and preparing for the implementation. Trust our winning team to steer you and your freight through the changing waters of an industry at the brink of technological change.

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